Tools for Brains

Here you find access to a universe of tools, which allow you to focus your innovation and change work on people and content.
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My-BrainStore is your landing page for the BrainStore universe. Access with

From the My-BrainStore Page you can access four areas

  • My projects
  • My partnership (for BrainStore partners only)
  • My invitations
  • My profile

You will see network related news and you can leave a comment, input or questions.

My projects will lead to all of your BrainStore projects

From My-BrainStore or with the link www.brainstore.projects you can access all your projects. If you are a BrainStore partner*, you can also create a new project

  • For every project you can define a community.
  • And you can add Idea Machines and Websites

My Profile

In the my profile part you can define your personal settings - add and translate your bio, change your password and adjust your privacy settings.

My Invitations

Find out to what projects and updates you are invited

For partners only: My partnership

  • Setup your BrainStore (online or as a real shop) or join an existing store. Your store will appear on BrainStore's store page. (
  • To your store you can add offers which appear on BrainStore's offer page (

Additionally you will find

  • information regarding your cycles
  • information about your granting partner and the partners you granted to
  • and a nice template for business cards
What's new?

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Manage your projects

Access the project manager with this link:

The Idea Machine Software Tool

BrainStore's Idea Machine Engine is a powerful tool to manage innovation processes.

Welcome to BrainStore's Site Manager
My BrainStore

As a BrainStore Partner, you can open a BrainStore wherever you like.


Add offers to your store

The Cycle Board

With every Idea Machine there is a Cycle Board included - you can subscribe to notifications.

Tools for Creative Workshops

BrainStore makes available more than 40 Creative Tools which you can use with your Idea Machine

Newsletters and Communities
Email, Calendar and Drive

All BrainStore Partners get access to the Google Drive Ecosystem.